A shares will be listed on "News Network"! This time the core variables are significantly different from 2015

On July 6, the financial sector exploded in full, and both the bank ETF and the broker-dealer ETF both reached daily limits, driving the three major A-share indexes to sing forward. The Shanghai stock index rose 5.71% and passed 4 levels in 4 days, regaining 3300 points. The GEM index stood at 2,500 points, a new high since 2016. The total market value of A shares exceeded 71 trillion, the first time since June 2015. The turnover of the two cities exceeded 1.5 trillion yuan, also hitting a 5-year high. Many investors believe that a big bull market has started.

From the perspective of the driving factors of the big bull market, whether it is the 519 market in 1999, the super bull market in 2007, or the skyrocketing in 2015, it is inseparable from the three major forces, namely the cycle drive, the extension drive and the capital drive. Judging from the current situation, the economy is at the starting point of the 5G cycle, but it is expected to have opened up; capital market reforms continue to deepen, so that both the market itself and listed individuals have sufficient support for the extended growth. The conditions for the big bull market are gradually being met. However, compared with the 2015 big bull market, the variables of the capital in the second half of the year still exist. Now, the market has entered a relatively hot stage.

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