Dior really can play, please come to the mermaid and Shu Jing to wear catwalk

Last night, the Dior 2020 autumn and winter high order series was officially released in the form of video. Due to the impact of the epidemic, this series was unveiled online, and was one of the opening events of the first digital fashion week in Paris.


At the beginning of this fashion movie, the artisans hand-sewn the latest miniature Dior costumes, and then two waiters will send these fashions to the mysterious forest where mythical characters are crowded for selection, and only provide advanced customization Tailor-made services.


The gods Siren Siren, Apollo, who loved the kisses, and the laurel goddess Daphne, and the three goddess Meihui were all attracted by the beautiful clothes in the box. After wearing their new clothes, they also started a new life.


"During the epidemic, we think more, reflect more, and dream more. Surrealism can make your dreams come true, and so should high-fashion dresses."


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