How children's hand, foot and mouth disease is caused

I believe that everyone knows that hand, foot and mouth disease is that children are prone to this disease, and they are worried that it will affect their health. In order to prevent children from suffering from hand, foot and mouth disease, it is necessary to actively treat and take good preventive measures. Then how does the child’s hand, foot and mouth disease cause it? If the child comes into contact with items contaminated by hand, foot and mouth disease, such as towels, or toys or tableware, etc., the virus will easily enter the child’s digestive tract through the respiratory tract, and then into the body, skin and mucous membrane symptoms will appear. If the virus invades The nervous system will also affect the child’s respiratory system and circulatory system. Children suffering from hand, foot and mouth disease will have symptoms of high fever at the earliest, the temperature will be above 38 ℃, and it is easy to have high fever. The child may have headaches, cough, and runny nose, which looks like a cold. When fever occurs, the oral mucosa will have herpes, which will turn into ulcers when the herpes is ruptured. If it is more serious, the child will cry, become irritable, and drool. When a child has oral herpes, pimples will appear on the palms of the palms, the soles of the feet, and the ass. In particular, there are many papules on the soles of the feet, with different sizes, and they are also very hard to touch. The liquid in herpes is still very cloudy. It is recommended that the child cooperate with the doctor for treatment when the child is sick, so that it will be faster.
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