The GEM Index closed up more than 2% and the turnover of the two cities exceeded 1.7 trillion! Northbound net inflow of nearly 12 billion

The three major A-share indexes continued their uptrend today. Among them, the GEM index showed a stronger trend and closed up more than 2%. The volume of market transactions continued to expand, with a total of 1.73 trillion yuan in transactions between the two cities. The net inflow of northbound funds was 11.888 billion yuan today.

Specifically, the Shanghai index closed up 0.37% and closed at 3334.34 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.72% and closed at 13163.98 points; the ChiNext Index rose 2.44% and closed at 2591.26 points.

Institutions have expressed their opinions on the market trend.

Shanxi Securities expects that the A-share market will maintain strong market confidence for some time to come. Under the background of the domestic economic recovery and the rebound in supply and demand, the Shanghai Composite Index has continuously broken through integer points and set new highs to greatly boost market confidence, superimposing A-share trading volume. Rising and large inflow of northbound capital and foreign capital, the increase in market incremental funds has led to a strong market volume. It can be confirmed that this upward trend has been formed, focusing on the future performance of the motherboard


Shen Wanhongyuan believes that the market's response to short-term bearishness is dull, which shows that the weight of medium-term optimistic expectations in short-term judgment has increased. In the second half of the year, there was at least a big rally that resembled a bull market, and we began to look forward to it. Medium-term optimistic expectations are an important foundation for short-term market strength. There will not be a complete style switch in the short term, and the technology consumption leader is still the main line in the medium term. Alpha should also be selected for the repair of low valuations. It is only recommended to participate in the opportunities of brokerage firms and real estate leading the rise. Once the low valuation starts to spread internally, it is a signal that the style returns to technology consumption.


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