What should I do if I have been depressed for more than ten years?

Birth is a happy thing for women, but the process of pregnancy and
childbirth will also bring great physical and psychological changes to the mother, and it will undoubtedly bring more psychological fear and pressure to the mother during the delivery process. ,
what should I do if I have been experiencing postpartum depression for more than ten years?


The treatment methods for postpartum depression are as follows:

  1. Professional psychological intervention:

    The person who has the most say in how to treat postpartum depression should be a psychologist who has received professional training,

    has relevant professional skills and clinical practice experience. In order to ensure the physical and mental health of mothers and newborns,
    it is best Persuade women to accept psychological counseling and treatment.
  2. Self-regulation of the parturient:

    The parturient should try to eliminate depression, calm her emotions,
    and allow herself to transfer more energy to the care and love of the baby,
    which is very effective in eliminating postpartum depression.


  1. Strengthen the care of family members:

    Depression in parturients is largely related to not being prepared to take care of
    the baby. Taking care of the baby is a laborious task,
    and it is also easy to aggravate the symptoms of depression.
    Freed from the burden of caring for the baby, so that the mother can get enough rest,
    can alleviate the symptoms of depression.


  1. Strengthen husband and wife communication:

    Postpartum depression is not a patent for women. For families with newborn babies, new parents may be entangled
    by postpartum depression.
    At this time, it is necessary to enhance the emotional communication between husband and wife to help the mother
    and husband confident face.
    To the great changes in the family, jointly cope with the postpartum psychological crisis.


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