What's wrong with swollen eyes in children

After many children wake up in the morning, there will be some swelling of the eyes, especially the lower eyelids, and this swelling will last about 1 to 2 hours before the swelling can be completely eliminated. If children often have eye swelling, parents and children should pay attention to it. If it is not solved fundamentally, it will lead to hidden dangers. So, what is going on with swollen eyes in children? If you find that your child gets up in the morning and the eyes are swollen, it may be that the child drank too much water before going to bed, which caused the sleep quality to decline. This will not only cause the child’s mental state the next day, but also cause the child’s eyes to appear edema. Therefore, parents should try their best to control the amount of water their children drink before going to bed in order to ensure their children's sleep quality and achieve healthy growth and development.

Most children stay up late for a long time, or because of some factors. If the child likes to sleep on his stomach, or sleep on his side for a long time, the eyes will be oppressed to a certain extent, causing the venous blood and lymphatic drainage of the eyes to be blocked and causing ocular edema. This type of edema usually disappears quickly after the child exercises. Some children will not only have swollen eyes, but also pain and swelling. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the child's mental state, and avoid further deterioration of the child's sleep quality.


The child’s body is in the critical golden period of growth and development, and a certain dose of vitamin D needs to be supplemented every day. Especially for younger children, appropriate cod liver oil should be taken every day, which not only has certain benefits for the child’s growth and development. . At the same time, it also has certain benefits for children's eyes. If the child’s eyes are often dry or the body is severely deficient in vitamins, it will cause the child to have symptoms of swollen eyes.


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